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Microsoft announces Surface 2
Can you tell which is the new version?

There aren't many people who appreciate the Surface but I'm one of them. It's actually a great product but suffers many problems. Besides the horrendous Windows 8 reception, lagging app selection, and confusing RT moniker- the Surface suffers from the fact that Microsoft gives no reason for people to switch from Apple and Google.
The merits of the device really don't matter if nobody buys it and the app ecosystem remains barren. If people are already accustomed to their iPads or Android smartphones, they need more incentive to switch platforms other than a flashy UI. Hell, Microsoft can't even get a proper YouTube app going1Cnet- Microsoft neuters YouTube app, how do they expect people to ditch all the apps they currently use?
Time will tell if Microsoft can turn around their mobile products, they sure have the lineup for it. It's unlikely they'll catch Android at Google's current pace, but the Surface should at least come close to matching Apple. Just get rid of RT already, and give these quality tablets a fresh start, even if it's in name only.